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Orators and Orations

Copies of the Orations from the UCL Chapter 1954-2003 are available on the Chapter's WWW site
Year Orator Title of Oration
1975 Mr Bryan Bennett
Mr Don Charlwood
In Praise of Joseph Crabtree and In Condemnation Of Those Who Seek to Belittle, or Worse, to Ignore His Creative Endeavour
Crabtree's Ode on the Return of Governor Phillip From New South Wales (Download)
1976 Mr Don Charlwood Crabtree: The Obscure Decade and After (Download)
1977 Mr Keith Bennetts Crabtree: The Road to Charliegrark (Download)
1978 Mr Patrick Kilbride Lux Gentium Lex (Download)
1979 Mr Leonard Dommett Crabtree the Indomitable (Download)
1980 Professor David Bradley Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Download)
1981 Dr Clive Coogan Crabtree, the Political Scientist (Download)
1982 Mr Richard Belshaw Crabtree and Education: Facilis descendus Averno (Download)
1983 Mr Nick Hudson Joseph Crabtree - Ingenieur Extraordinaire (Download)
1984 Dr Logan Francey Joseph Crabtree - The Einstein Connection (Download)
1985 Mr Gordon Taylor Knowing Crabtree - Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit? (Download)
1986 Professor Roy Jackson Crabtree - The Practical Man (Download)
1987 Mr Howard Deakin Joseph Crabtree - The Metaphysical Dimension (Download)
1988 Mr Phillip Martin Crabtree's Erotic Poetry (Download)
1989 Dr Phillip Law Joseph Crabtree and Historical Hazards (Download)
1990 Professor Noel Murray Crabtree and the Art of Technology (Download)
1991 Mr Sydney Ingham Crabtree Unmasked
1992 Mr Jim McGrath Erotic Influences on Crabtree's Musical Contribution to the Chinese Pizza Industry (Download)
1993 Professor Martin Williams Crabtree at the Sources of the Nile and in the Mountains of the Moon (Download)
1994 Professor John Salmond Crabtree in the White House (Download)
1995 Professor Peter Darvall A Short History in Rhyme of the Turbulent Life Of Joseph Crabtree (Download)
1996 Professor Rob Willis The First Coming of Crabtree (Download)
1997 Mr Richard Sebo The Darker Side of Crabtree (Download)
1998 Dr Bill Breen Joseph Crabtree: The Military Dimension (Download)
1999 Mr David Cunningham First Light In Nuristan: Crabtree's Contributions To The Development Of The Society And Religion Of The Kafirs Of The Hindu Kush. (Download)
2000 Mr Max Robinson Crabtree Pulls It Off (Download)
2001 Mr Phil A'Vard Was Crabtree a Thespian? (Download)
2002 Dr Paul Rodan Crabtree in the Colonies: The Emerging Truth (Download)
2003 Mr Stephen Downes How Crabtree Created Camembert (Download)
2004 Dr Peter Kershaw Joseph Crabtree- A Product of the Little Ice Age (Download)
2005 Assoc Prof Ian Marshall McCrabtree (Download)
2006 Professor Greg O'Brien Crabtree on the Rise (Download)
2007 Mr Ian Cummins Crabtree and the Eastern Bloc (Downlod)
2008 Dr Michael Deakin Crabtree: a Complex Number (Download)
2009 Mr Andrew Schnaider Crabtree in Clubland (Download)
2010 Mr Kevin Childs Joseph Crabtree, Father of Modern Journalism (Download)
2011 Ms Bryony Cosgrove Crabtree - Purveyor of the Daffodil as a Tool of Seduction (Download)
2012 Mr Bill Claiborne Crabtree Dances with the Green Fairies and Saves America (Download)
2013 Mr Paul Williams Joseph Crabtree and the Great Schism of the Fagotti (Download)
2014 Professor Kate Burridge Joseph Crabtree - Rogue Lexicographer - Wild Etymologist (Download)
2015 Mr Tim Smith Crabtree and his encounters with Antipodean Pettifoggers (Download)
2016 Emeritus Professor Martin Comte Crabtree the Composer: Under the Lamplight (Download)
2017 Ms Diana Burleigh Joseph Crabtree, son of Mnemosyane, brother to Calliope, Melpomone and Thalia (Download)
2018 Dr Jim Breen Joseph Crabtree, The Father of the Computer (Download)
2019 Emeritus Professor John Rickard Crabtree - Living with risk - Guided by my numbers (Download)
2020 Dr Angela O'Brien The Mnemonic Cake: What Proust Owes to Crabtree (Download)
2021 Ms Anne Semple Joseph Crabtree: More than an influencer of his time (Download)
2022 Dr Richard Travers Crabtree and his Violon d'Ingres (Download)
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